Overcoming the self-ick to self-pleasure!

5th January, 2023
Hey queen! Do you ever feel a little queasy when you hear the term 'self-pleasure' or 'masturbation'? Maybe you agree that it is fine, or at least not bad, but for other individuals. However for yourself, on the other hand you can’t seem to battle the feeling that touching yourself is embarrassing... There is so much shame around the woman's body in our era to this day - and I completely understand you - but I'm here today to prove you otherwise! We all deserve sexual pleasure, no matter our relationship status. So why do we get this ick feeling in the first place? And how can we get over it and fully embrace our bodies and sexuality? Stay with me a little longer to find out...

Maintain your INTERNAL garden - the post you need to read !!

2nd January, 2023
In an era of information overload and passive consumption, our brains can often feel overwhelmed and overworked, cluttered with random thoughts and countless images we’ve seen whilst mindlessly scrolling social media. The mental burnout is real! Mind gardening, a concept that embraces the practices of gardening - taking care of your mind that involves cultivating your curiosity (the seeds), growing your knowledge (the trees), and producing new thoughts (the fruits), in order to create a more mindful approach to the way we engage with the world around us and the content we consume.

Internet detox.

1st January, 2023
My typical day... I open my eyes, woken up by the annoying alarm melody on my phone. I reach for the phone to quickly turn it off. After few minutes I will find myself scrolling up and down facebook or instagram, replying to comments and e-mails. Spending the first hour of my day in bed with my brain being 'at work' from the very first minute. I answer questions, respond to collaboration offers, send out invoices, interact with my readers and watch other lives... Not realising that I do not have time for my own life, thoughts, planning the day ahead, for myself or family. Immediately I fall into a whirl from which I will more than likely not break out until the end of the day.

11 reasons to celebrate being SINGLE this Christmas!

23rd November, 2022
With a huge part of my following being single ladies, as recent poll showed - I couldn't mis out on wrapping up this post! Whilst Kate Winslet's character in The Holiday implies that being single at Christmas is worse than realising someone else has polished off your turkey/stuffing leftovers, in reality, December as a singleton can actually be quite magical. Hear me out babe...

Mouthcare with Waken.

23 November, 2022
Great mouth hygiene is a massive thing for me. I'm obsessed with it and I am very happy to introduce Waken Care to you. Working with dentists and formulation chemists, Waken have designed a set of products that perform brilliantly. Whether you are looking for exceptional whitening toothpaste or a mouthwash that delivers 12 hour protection for your teeth and gums, they have a product that will deliver.

10 comfy items every mummy needs!

14th November, 2022
December is officially within touching distance, and if you’re having an existential crisis about the seemingly quickening passing of time then you’re not alone. It seems as a second ago we were enjoying a beachside chill and suddenly our GOOGLE search history consists of boots, scarves and knitwear. To me - comfort always wins, and with that being said here are my top 10 comfy items every mummy needs, from lounge wear, to hoodies, gowns and boots!

A letter from Santa - how to get your children involved in Christmas preparations...

5th November, 2022
December, that one month we absolutely have to stay on point and organised to throw that perfect Christmas gathering and get it all done on time! From tiding up, cooking to decorating the house, not to mention time-consuming writing out the Christmas cards for everyone. How helpful would it be for every mummy, dad or carer out there struggling with Christmas preparation next month to have their little helpers involved?

The beautiful thing, called motherhood - my reflection...

3rd November, 2022
The journey of motherhood is a beautiful blur of wild highs and lows. From the sleepless nights, the milestones no matter how small and ridiculous they might seem (shout out to all those who dared to embark on that first solo trip out of the house), night feeds, nappy changes, tantrums and cuddles - lots and lots of those! Google is both a hero and a villain in all this, but ultimately you know there’s only so much reading you can do to prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ride that is becoming a parent for the first, second or 10th time!

9 things you DON'T have to do before you turn 30!

9th October, 2022
Once and for all - let's put an end to the utter BS the social media and the world serves us when reaching the ripe young age of 30!! It certainly and definitely doesn’t have to mean retiring your bucket list, freezing your eggs, walking around dressed to impress others - because apparently you not meant to be wearing leggings and a cropped top when you're pass the 30 mark... Whether it’s backpacking through Europe, getting married or having kids - you should do things when they feel right for you, not because society or an article on the internet made you believe your twenties are the pinnacle of happiness and success. The idea that the world is your oyster but only until you’re 29 is nonsense. So, please enjoy this life and milestones you absolutely DON'T have to tick off by the time you’re 30, because you can be the best version of yourself at any age.

5 steps to creating an abundance mindset.

2nd February, 2022
Many different factors can sabotage our success in life. However, all of us attract failure ourselves because of our negative thinking and worrying. Our mindset has a great impact on our success in all aspects of our lives. To have an abundant and fulfilling life, you have to create an abundance mindset.

The ultimate list of my favourite & most effective natural remedies.

1st February, 2022
Growing up in small town, in a family full of wonder women who believed in natural ways and home remedies, which in fact worked better than any medications the GP was ready to stuff me with - natural medicine with a kick of positive mindset is all you need! The power of herbs and mother's earth growths is underestimated! Below I've wrapped up a list of must-try natural home remedies!

A month of love - the ultimate list of journal prompts to help you find gratitude every day!

26th January, 2022
One way to check in with yourself and make sure you’re soaking up those daily wins is by practising thankfulness. Sure, it may sound a bit woo-woo but the benefits can be transformative! With life bolting by at lightning speed, even in a national lockdown, it can be difficult to give the good bits their due thanks. The phone call from your friend, your cup of coffee in the morning, your orgasm at lights out or the heartbreak anthem that’s getting you through – all these small feats when realised in a few simple sentences of thanks can be enough to turn a shitty day into a beautiful one... Which bring us onto our month of love and daily gratitude exercise!

Everything you need to know about delaying you ORGASMS !!

15th January, 2022
On the edge of that mind-blowing ‘O’ only to… Back off? Walk away. Let's be honest that sounds a lot like everything we try to avoid when we’re getting busy but, as it turns out, there’s a method to this madness and a huge horny case for postponing your orgasm in the name of, well, a bigger, better orgasm... While there’s nothing wrong with a quickie, edging is a great way to savour our sexual energy. Good things come to those who wait... ;)

My ultimate list of New Year resolution that might ACTUALLY improve your 2022 !!

8th January, 2022
Love them or hate them !! As a new calendar page is turned and January is upon us once more, the age-old question of which 'New Year Resolutions' you plan to set for the optimistic year ahead is suddenly the topic of small talk everywhere you go. And whilst it may be cliché to use the new year as motivation for change, there is something about fresh starts that prompts a renewed enthusiasm for life and the possibility for the impossible  to really come true.

My top ways to make yourself a priority!

27th November, 2020
Why do waste time waiting for the first day of a month to start a new habit, or New Year to create a list of resolutions. Welcome today with nothing but an open mind and focus on making YOU your first priority. Say no to things that don’t make you happy, get rid of negative energy, nourish your mind and your body and schedule yourself some downtime. Ready to be your own best friend? I've put together a few suggestions for making yourself a priority – here’s 🍷 to loving and investing in yourself!