Ridiculously easy gingerbread cupcakes perfect for this season!

28th November, 2021
No way am I a baker, nor am I a big fun of the baking-mess-hype. And with that being said - if I can smash this recipe so can you. Complicated recipes is a no-go in this kitchen, I have a life to live ok?! What a terrible introduction to such cute gingerbread cupcakes. I infused my mum's recipe with some ginger and cinnamon to spice things up and ended up with the perfect cupcakes for this festive season!!

My top ways to make yourself a priority!

27th November, 2020
Why do waste time waiting for the first day of a month to start a new habit, or New Year to create a list of resolutions. Welcome today with nothing but an open mind and focus on making YOU your first priority. Say no to things that don’t make you happy, get rid of negative energy, nourish your mind and your body and schedule yourself some downtime. Ready to be your own best friend? I've put together a few suggestions for making yourself a priority – here’s 🍷 to loving and investing in yourself!

Journaling best therapy for mental health - how to get into the habit of writing for YOU!

26th November, 2021
Journal practice can work wonders for mental clarity and mindfulness. From tracking your feelings, anxiety triggers and your menstrual cycle to savouring life’s simple pleasures, expressive writing can be a great tool for connecting with your truth and expressing daily gratitude and positivity. Here are some useful tips for getting into the habit of writing for yourself.

The path to becoming rich & successful - let's talk about 'distractions'...

25th November, 2021
The way our world is set up is to prevent us from growing and expanding. The 1% of the population who are millionaires, billionaires and upwards don't want to see that 1% increase... Our world is set up to distract you, to oppress you and to keep you from knowing what's possible. The choice is yours... You can either work very hard for your money, trade your time for a wage, or become 100% you, love the fuck out of yourself and bring to the world what you're meant to bring...

Spice up your bedroom life...

19th November, 2021
Sex used to be thrilling, passionate, always new. Now, after years together, you’ve settled into a routine that works, sort of. Are you looking for ways to bring back that spark? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some excitement around sex and if you actually looked forward to it? With some creativity, and a spirit of adventure, you can put the spice back in your sex life. 

5 of the most festive spots in London.

15th November, 2021
When I was a kid my biggest dream was to... Get lost in London City during the festive season... Only for few hours though - then return back to my family lol. Not long after my crazy visions - we moved over to the magical city of my dreams all the way from Poland... London really comes into its own at Christmas time. From the magical shop fronts to the bustling streets, every corner is decked out with lights and decorations as it transforms into a winter wonderland for the holiday season. We’ve rounded up our favourite locations so you’ll know exactly where to head to see the city at its most sparkly locations.

Live your life at your own pace and on your own terms!

11th November, 2021
You've known me here, on my blog for over 6 years now... Once, I wrote an article about things that led me to create this virtual space and I saw that not long after the publication, many of you started your own blogs, online businesses, something truly amazing and close to your hearts. I've received a ton of the most heart warming comments and touching messages from young girls overcoming their fears, coming out their shells or finally believing in their dreams and ticking off their tasks and goals of the list. There is something like KARMA in this beautiful world, some people call it punishment & reward, and on that note my darling, stay assured that if you give the world good energy - it will always come back to you... I'm here, still in my 20's (late 20's!), I don't know much about life, but what I do know is what limits us humans in this life. What really makes us afraid to finally move forward and gallop through life at our best pace & on our own terms!

Get organised for Christmas with these 9 helpful steps.

10th November, 2021
Ticking off the never ending to-do list in preparation for Christmas Day can be stressful and overwhelming but with these simple organisation tips, you can take the stress out of the planning and enjoy everything the holidays are meant to be about, instead of running around like a headless chicken turkey. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas Day dinner for a house full of family or plotting gift ideas for your loved ones, these simple steps will help to simplify the process & minimise stress. It is your time to shine boo!

11 handy apps to help you get your sh*t together this Christmas !!

5th November, 2020
We’ve rounded up the best apps to get you and your loved ones organised for Christmas, so we can kick back and enjoy the countdown to the holidays without that last-minute present-wrapping panic and Christmas dinner fiasco. From budgeting like a boss to smashing your Secret Santa, here’s how to get all your tasks and to-do's in a cute neat little row this season! Thank me late...

How to make a DIY dinosaur land.

1st November, 2021
The internet is full of videos and photos of creating these mini-worlds in line with a specific topic. After seeing Jurassic Park again, we decided to go for the land of dinosaurs. All you as a parent/carer need to do is provide the materials and let your little human's hands and imagination run wild, in creation of their very own DIY mock-up. Hours of creative fun and not to mention their satisfaction at completion of their final project...