9 things you DON'T have to do before you turn 30!

15th February, 2022
Once and for all - let's put an end to the utter BS the social media and the world serves us when reaching the ripe young age of 30!! It certainly and definitely doesn’t have to mean retiring your bucket list, freezing your eggs, walking around dressed to impress other - because apparently you not meant to be wearing leggings and a cropped top when you're pass the 30 mark... Whether it’s backpacking through Europe, getting married or having kids - you should do things when they feel right for you, not because society or an article on the internet made you believe your twenties are the pinnacle of happiness and success. The idea that the world is your oyster but only until you’re 29 is nonsense. So, please enjoy this life and milestones you absolutely DON'T have to tick off by the time you’re 30, because you can be the best version of yourself at any age.

5 steps to creating an abundance mindset.

2nd February, 2022
Many different factors can sabotage our success in life. However, all of us attract failure ourselves because of our negative thinking and worrying. Our mindset has a great impact on our success in all aspects of our lives. To have an abundant and fulfilling life, you have to create an abundance mindset.

The ultimate list of my favourite & most effective natural remedies.

1st February, 2022
Growing up in small town, in a family full of wonder women who believed in natural ways and home remedies, which in fact worked better than any medications the GP was ready to stuff me with - natural medicine with a kick of positive mindset is all you need! The power of herbs and mother's earth growths is underestimated! Below I've wrapped up a list of must-try natural home remedies!

Yoni mapping - everything you wanna know...

30th January, 2022
If you’ve never heard of it, you’d be forgiven because unfortunately, just like periods or clitoral orgasms, this sacred and sensual bodywork remains relatively underexplored... Yoni mapping is a mindful vaginal massage – like a gentle guided tour of your pleasure-giving capital, specifically channelled through touch and pressure. We all know how disconnected we are from our own bodies and Yoni mapping is one golden ticket to help us reclaim our pleasure power and discover a better understanding of what feels good for us...

A month of love - the ultimate list of journal prompts to help you find gratitude every day!

26th January, 2022
One way to check in with yourself and make sure you’re soaking up those daily wins is by practising thankfulness. Sure, it may sound a bit woo-woo but the benefits can be transformative! With life bolting by at lightning speed, even in a national lockdown, it can be difficult to give the good bits their due thanks. The phone call from your friend, your cup of coffee in the morning, your orgasm at lights out or the heartbreak anthem that’s getting you through – all these small feats when realised in a few simple sentences of thanks can be enough to turn a shitty day into a beautiful one... Which bring us onto our month of love and daily gratitude exercise!

Everything you need to know about delaying you ORGASMS !!

15th January, 2022
On the edge of that mind-blowing ‘O’ only to… Back off? Walk away. Let's be honest that sounds a lot like everything we try to avoid when we’re getting busy but, as it turns out, there’s a method to this madness and a huge horny case for postponing your orgasm in the name of, well, a bigger, better orgasm... While there’s nothing wrong with a quickie, edging is a great way to savour our sexual energy. Good things come to those who wait... ;)

My ultimate list of New Year resolution that might ACTUALLY improve your 2022 !!

8th January, 2022
Love them or hate them !! As a new calendar page is turned and January is upon us once more, the age-old question of which 'New Year Resolutions' you plan to set for the optimistic year ahead is suddenly the topic of small talk everywhere you go. And whilst it may be cliché to use the new year as motivation for change, there is something about fresh starts that prompts a renewed enthusiasm for life and the possibility for the impossible  to really come true.

11 reasons to celebrate being SINGLE this Christmas!

1st December, 2021
Whilst Kate Winslet's character in The Holiday implies that being single at Christmas is worse than realising someone else has polished off your turkey/stuffing leftovers, in reality, December as a singleton can actually be quite magical. Hear me out...

My top ways to make yourself a priority!

27th November, 2020
Why do waste time waiting for the first day of a month to start a new habit, or New Year to create a list of resolutions. Welcome today with nothing but an open mind and focus on making YOU your first priority. Say no to things that don’t make you happy, get rid of negative energy, nourish your mind and your body and schedule yourself some downtime. Ready to be your own best friend? I've put together a few suggestions for making yourself a priority – here’s 🍷 to loving and investing in yourself!

Journaling best therapy for mental health - how to get into the habit of writing for YOU!

26th November, 2021
Journal practice can work wonders for mental clarity and mindfulness. From tracking your feelings, anxiety triggers and your menstrual cycle to savouring life’s simple pleasures, expressive writing can be a great tool for connecting with your truth and expressing daily gratitude and positivity. Here are some useful tips for getting into the habit of writing for yourself.

The path to becoming rich & successful - let's talk about 'distractions'...

25th November, 2021
The way our world is set up is to prevent us from growing and expanding. The 1% of the population who are millionaires, billionaires and upwards don't want to see that 1% increase... Our world is set up to distract you, to oppress you and to keep you from knowing what's possible. The choice is yours... You can either work very hard for your money, trade your time for a wage, or become 100% you, love the fuck out of yourself and bring to the world what you're meant to bring...

Spice up your bedroom life...

19th November, 2021
Sex used to be thrilling, passionate, always new. Now, after years together, you’ve settled into a routine that works, sort of. Are you looking for ways to bring back that spark? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some excitement around sex and if you actually looked forward to it? With some creativity, and a spirit of adventure, you can put the spice back in your sex life. 

Live your life at your own pace and on your own terms!

11th November, 2021
You've known me here, on my blog for over 6 years now... Once, I wrote an article about things that led me to create this virtual space and I saw that not long after the publication, many of you started your own blogs, online businesses, something truly amazing and close to your hearts. I've received a ton of the most heart warming comments and touching messages from young girls overcoming their fears, coming out their shells or finally believing in their dreams and ticking off their tasks and goals of the list. There is something like KARMA in this beautiful world, some people call it punishment & reward, and on that note my darling, stay assured that if you give the world good energy - it will always come back to you... I'm here, still in my 20's (late 20's!), I don't know much about life, but what I do know is what limits us humans in this life. What really makes us afraid to finally move forward and gallop through life at our best pace & on our own terms!

Why doesn't your vision board work and how to create one?

27th September, 2021
So we've all heard about this famous 'vision board' before, that makes all your dreams become a reality. Fun, creative idea - but unfortunately my darling I have to disappoint you. The creation of the board itself will not make any magic happen and no you will not suddenly appear in your perfect little house or in the car you've always wanted to drive. Cute font, colourful images and motivational quotes. Looks good when it's completed and hanged on your wall or stack onto your bedroom door... But how does it work and what is the point of it...

I am the most important person in my life - my magical transformation.

5th September, 2021
Nothing's more important than I am, Nothing matters more than my own happiness, I am my number one priority - once upon a time hearing a person state that, I would think to myself what an 'extremely selfish' asshole, how can someone even say that?! Today I am confident to declare that the most important human in my world is me. And little did I know how much good this way of thinking can bring. It was a long, difficult and emotional journey, a process that didn't just happen overnight. I had to change my way of thinking and clear out a whole bunch of junk along the way to get to this point and where I am today...

Can a hobby help battle anxiety? The art of discovering something you love...

20th February, 2021
Living life alongside anxiety, can be a tremendously difficult and exhausting experience, often leading to a lack of motivation and desire to do anything other than basic survival. Lockdown has tested the mental health of everyone, but there is something to be said for partaking in a hobby that might just be the golden ticket to healthy distraction from the complexity of mental health disorder. Not only does mastering a new skill or two helps your conscious brain by offering a solid distraction, the act of consistently engaging in a hobby can help to relax the body and mind by tuning in to the parasympathetic nervous system and helping you to find a more neutral go-to.

Green home made health elixir - the power of nettle.

2nd February, 2021
Don't worry we’re not about to suggest you go on a juice cleanse and chug a carafe of cayenne pepper and manuka honey every morning in order to love yourself right. This is about making sure you look out for what’s on the inside by giving your body some earth's natural feel-good ingredient - nettle...  The amazing power of this ordinary plant are priceless. I have been struggling with intestine and liver problems as well as allergies and hay fever ever since I can remember. Drinking a shot of freshly made nettle juice every morning before breakfast has improved my well-being as well as got rid of all of the problems that I've struggled with for years and booted hay fever out of my life.

Invest in yourself - self beneficial things to do during lockdown...

30th December, 2020
And suddenly the whole country shuts it's every door... I sorted it all out in my head and decided to treat these weeks ahead as a gift from life. Someone up there decided to stop these speeding clock hands once again and give us something that we all long craved for - 'time'. And here comes the tricky question? How to fill this time and not let this precious gift go to waste? I've put together few ideas to inspire you and give you a little kick of motivation to invest in yourself this lockdown...

Things men should know about women.

Things men should know about women.
8th June, 2020
Guides, books and articles on this specific subject, you will find dozens of those in stores and all over the internet. Unfortunately most of them discuss the popular and typical stereotypes that sooner or later turn out to be a total fiasco. And there are things that men really need to know about women.. Let's turn myths into facts.

Lockdown inspirations - 9 questions with Beeta Abadi, self taught cook & baker!

No one is certain when the virus outbreak measures will be relaxed or officially lifted but at a time like this, a little fantasy in our heads, can go a looong way in helping us to stay sane, remain positive as well as remind us that however heavy this pandemic may feel for some at the moment, it is temporary and it will pass!! Until then, we are daydreaming about life after lockdown, that first weekend of freedom, the first real-life kiss or hug with your favourite person, the first trip to play ground or soft play with your little humans, seeing our colleagues and friends again, the first cold pint, eating at our favourite restaurants, going to a concert or jumping on a plane to travel the world again! I am here today with another beautiful and creative soul! Let me introduce you to Beeta Abadi, recipe developer and founder of Beelish Food, self taught cook and baker, and my favourite culinary account to follow!

The ultimate list of productive things you can do during lockdown.

23rd April, 2020
If you've pretty much completed all of Netflix and the idea of spending another day on the sofa flipping through memes is too much to bear, it's time to spice things up, change up your routine and get those creative juices flowing. Being on lockdown doesn't have to be boring, not if you keep yourself occupied. I know you've heard it all before but I'll say it again 'You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home' - think of it as a gift from the Universe, a gift of 'time' where you can focus on yourself, figure out your life and get things done!

Lockdown inspirations - 8 questions with Nekoda Davis, Judoka.

20th April, 2020
Well, it looks like our plans to have the summer of a lifetime are on hold for a while but that's ok - we've got this. Since we’re spending the majority of our days, and nights indoors, we’re all looking for some much-needed light relief, entertainment, motivation and inspiration. And, despite what you may see on Instagram, not all of us are coping as well as others. It’s more than ok to be doing nothing right now. Not every day has to be flanked with spiritual transformations and self-improvement. We’re allowed to just binge films, eat out the fridge and cry our tiny hearts out face-timing our loves ones! And what a better time, to get inspired by other amazing human-beings. I've teamed up with some wonderful and creative souls to lighten up your days during the pandemic! Meet the beautiful and kind Nekoda Davis, London based, British judoka - who is going to answer 8 questions for us in today's post. Let's get right into it...

My easy step by step guide to meditation for beginners.

29th March, 2020
When I first introduced meditation into my lifestyle over two years ago, I truly underestimated the power of it. It taught me and benefited me a lot more than I could have ever imagine. I've learned to trust my mind and body enough to let go of any tension and stress, slow and deep breathing became natural and meditation began to play a massive part in my life. It is now something I really look forward to every day. In detailed meditation guide I will walk you through every step making it easier to understand and perform...

Benefits of sleeping with your pet.

9th July, 2019
Many people, like myself love to be surrounded by animals and own a pet of their own. Most often they are dogs and cats, whose owners notice a lot of positives vibes, and advantages from their presence around the house. And almost in every household with a pet a discussion takes place - whether to let the new addition into bed or not. And here are the 5 reasons why you should let your fur baby sleep in bed with you...

3 books that will change your life.

3rd April, 2019
I'm not a reader. I will pick a film over a book any day, unless it comes to Law Of Attraction - give me the book I'll finish it in a day. I've stumbled on some really extraordinary books that left me questioning everything I know. Here are three books on the Law of Attraction that changed my perspective on life - and may just do the same for you...

4 valuable steps to a happier and peaceful life - law of attraction.

6th February, 2019
Law of attraction has changed my life upside down. If you have been up to date with my Instagram profile you will know how much it benefited me and improved my entire life in all aspects, angles, sides and corners lol !! Here is my little 'value system' that I follow and according to which - I want to live. The more I stick to it, the more happy and peaceful I am.

Internet detox.

1st September, 2018
My typical day... I open my eyes, woken up by the annoying alarm melody on my phone. I reach for the phone to quickly turn it off. After few minutes I will find myself scrolling up and down facebook or instagram, replying to comments and e-mails. Spending the first hour of my day in bed with my brain being 'at work' from the very first minute. I answer questions, respond to collaboration offers, send out invoices, interact with my readers and watch other lives... Not realising that I do not have time for my own life, thoughts, planning the day ahead, for myself or family. Immediately I fall into a whirl from which I will more than likely not break out until the end of the day.

My ways of calming my mind.

13th July, 2017
Finding a balance in today's world is quite difficult. It was easier to find peace of mind in the olden days where cities were not so developed, people use to spend most of their time working on their land, therefore they communed more with nature, there were no internet life or new technology gadgets that stopped them from leaving homes. As a child, I travelled with my parents every summer, whether it was camping by the lake or a trip to the mountain.. Nowadays we tend to do everything online; paying bills, online shopping and the list goes on.. Here are my top tips to calm your mind..

7 reasons why red wine is good for you.

13th January, 2017
Every woman (or man!) knows that kicking back with with a glass of red wine after a long and adventures day is a fabulous way to distress. The best part of it is that your red-wine 'habit' also happens to come with some happy health benefits, such as improving your mental and physical health and even, believe it or not, slimming your waistline. Here are the reasons why red wine is good for you..

Habits every woman should have.

28th December, 2016
Being a woman can be very tough.. We can't open a can of drink without risking nail-breakage, wearing a bra can be very exhausting, hair bands just keep disappearing, we have to hold our pee in because we've just finished painting our nails, hair shampoo bottle always ends up full while the conditioner is almost gone, not being able to itch your eye all day because you're wearing eye make up, the urge to sneeze while the mascara is still drying, not to mention bleeding for 7 days once a month, how are we even still alive? But jokes aside.. I love being a woman and this post is dedicated to the beautiful gender of my readers.