My ways of calming my mind.

13th July, 2017
Finding a balance in today's world is quite difficult. It was easier to find peace of mind in the olden days where cities were not so developed, people use to spend most of their time working on their land, therefore they communed more with nature, there were no internet life or new technology gadgets that stopped them from leaving homes. As a child, I travelled with my parents every summer, whether it was camping by the lake or a trip to the mountain.. Nowadays we tend to do everything online; paying bills, online shopping and the list goes on.. Here are my top tips to calm your mind..
Contact with nature
To me, contact with nature is the best cure for mind and mental health. Nothing calms me more than a walk in the woods, bike ride, starring at the sky or sea, lying on the beach, on a hot sand. chilling by the lake and most of all being around animals. I love to listen to the sounds of nature, birds, grasshoppers, the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. I get to distance from everyday problems. Nothing else matters.. Even if you devote only 30 minutes a day to commune with nature, you will feel a surge of energy. Contact with nature is also beneficial for our overall health and well-being, it oxygenates the body, reduces fatigue and stress, also the colour green relaxes the eyes.
Aromatic tea
Good tea drunk in a moment of silence or to the sound of my favourite song, works for me relaxing. Choose the type of tea you love the most and enjoy their beneficial properties. My favourite kind of tea has to be green tea, earl grey with fresh pepper mint leaves and of course one with a slice of fresh lemon and ginger. Little tip, green tea should not be poured with boiling water, the optimum water temperature should be 70-80 degrees. Just boil the water and wait 12-14 minutes until the water has reached the right temperature.
Reading books
Delving into the life of book heroes is quite a pull away from reality. Reading has also other benefits such as; improves concentration, develops imagination, memory, empathy, builds vocabulary. Studies have shown that reading reduces the stress levels much more than music, walks, or tea.
Physical work
It's true, physical work can silence you. House work is my number one cure to forget about things that I don't necessarily want to think about. Dusting, cleaning, polishing, washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming and so on.. These activities may not so much associate with relaxation however they can effectively relieve tension. On top of that beautifully cleaned house creates better atmosphere for one of the activities mentioned above such as drinking aromatic tea or reading a book.
Tired muscles and bones regain fitness after massaging. I feel like a new born after a lovely massage from my amazing fiancé. Setting a mood is essential, lighting up scented candles or scented sticks, I also put on a relaxation music such as rain, ocean or jungle sounds. How amazing does this sound!?

What are your ways to calm your mind and find balance in today's world?