4 valuable steps to a happier and peaceful life - law of attraction.

6th February, 2019
Law of attraction has changed my life upside down. If you have been up to date with my Instagram profile you will know how much it benefited me and improved my entire life in all aspects, angles, sides and corners lol !! Here is my little 'value system' that I follow and according to which - I want to live. The more I stick to it, the more happy and peaceful I am.

Comparing yourself to others is destructive, meaningless and stupid. It is also a source of negative emotions and energy, insecurities and low self-esteem. There is seriously nothing good about it. Each and one of us is completely different to each other in every single way you could think of. We all have different past, different experiences, plans, goals, talents, passions, and other values. Our life paths are completely different. Well, then how the hell on Earth can you compare your self or your life to someone who is so different to you?
Friendship is a massive word. I used it in my life prudently and carefully. Last year has shown me that I need to be even more careful. People wear masks and style them very well. If you can benefit someone in anyway they will go very far to get what they want. Real situations expose fake people, and prove true friends. I am very glad that I have finally ended all toxic relationships that were destructive to me in many ways. Now it's your turn...
I want to spend every second of my beautiful life qualitatively, I do not want to lose it senselessly. FOMO (fear of missing out) draws us into its trap. Facebook, instagram… feeling the need to be up to date with everyone else's life and newsfeed, endlessly scrolling to see what Susan had for breakfast this morning and so on... Caught up in cyber life gathering irrelevant information that doesn't benefit you in any way. I'm sick of it. I lost too much time in 2018 following every Tom's, Dick's and Harry's lives. I limited the number of friends on facebook and the number of profiles I am following to minimum. Everyone has the right to do and say what they want, but you do not have to look at it every single day. Instead occupy your brain with things and thoughts that add value to your life.. You only get one life - make the most of it. Respect your precious time !!
Expectations often guide our lives. Either we are people who expect something or others expect from us. Why do we meet the expectations of others? Because we lack assertiveness, we have been brought up this way or we lack bravery. Courage to be disliked. I get rid of expectations and fight them whenever they appear in my head. This way - I am never disappointed. I also do not give a flying f*ck what other people expect from me nor do I care what anyone thinks. It is me (based on my values) who decides what I want to do for others. If it doesn't make me happy or satisfied, it will not be done.