3 books that will change your life.

3rd April, 2019
I'm not a reader. I will pick a film over a book any day, unless it comes to Law Of Attraction - give me the book I'll finish it in a day. I've stumbled on some really extraordinary books that left me questioning everything I know. Here are three books on the Law of Attraction that changed my perspective on life - and may just do the same for you...
1. The Secret - Rhonda Byrne
With all the respect none of the personal development books that I have read in the past prior to The Secret were as clear and simple in giving me a step-by-step process for creating anything I desire in life. The Secret was the very first book (I've also watched the film) that has fully introduced me to Law of Attraction, taught me about the importance of aligning mindset with action, and why working hard with the right attitude is the secret to success: it taught me about the immense power of creation that lies in all of us that we sadly very often forget.
2. Ask And It Is Given - Abraham Hicks
In just over 300 pages, this eye-opening book lays bare the secrets of the universe itself. Truly amazed by Abraham's incredible 22 different effective methods to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles. Regardless of where you stand in life, there’s a technique that will help you improve your life on the spot...
3. Wealth Beyond Reason - Bob Doyle
To be totally honest with you I had my own misconceptions about attracting prosperity until I read this book. Its scientific approach and the secrets mentioned in the book completely washed away my scepticism. In this book you will discover how to naturally create more wealth and live the life you passionately desire and truly deserve.