Benefits of sleeping with your pet.

9th July, 2019
Many people, like myself love to be surrounded by animals and own a pet of their own. Most often they are dogs and cats, whose owners notice a lot of positives vibes, and advantages from their presence around the house. And almost in every household with a pet a discussion takes place - whether to let the new addition into bed or not. And here are the 5 reasons why you should let your fur baby sleep in bed with you...
1. Best recipe for insomnia
Animals can help fight insomnia because they soothe emotions, allow you to relax, and drive away bad thoughts. Research showed that people who allow pets to sleep side by side with them also fall asleep faster due to the increased sense of security, no matter how tiny your pet might be.
2. Positive emotions
We love and care for our pets, and in return they pay back with unconditional love and devotion. From a very young age I was always allowed to have my pets in bed with me, up until now it makes me feel very safe, cosy and calm. I'm 26 and I still find it extremely hard to fall asleep without my purring Tigi or Oreo laying on top of me. The positive emotions they bring out in me are irreplaceable.
3. Anxiety relief
Pets help to deal with fears much easier and quicker. People who suffer from various fears, paranoia, depression or other mental disorders focus their thoughts on their problems. Mostly in the evenings or at night, when the world goes to sleep and there is more than enough time for dwelling and overthinking. Animals have a soothing effect on the human mind, especially when they snuggle up and fall asleep next to their owners. Thoughts that are related to our beloved pet at that time prevents mind drifting away in any harmful direction - hence our mind remains calm and relaxed.
4. Warmth, closure and pleasure
Fur babies give you warmth and cosiness. Not only do they take care of your emotional state but also physical too. I love snuggling up to my warm and soft cats in bed especially on a cold night !!
5. Pets love it too
In reality - this is the most important point. Our pets love to sleep with us too, the exact same benefits mentioned above, apply to them, from sleeping with us humans. All animal lovers agree that in order to make their pets very happy, it's worth to let them sleep in bed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!