The ultimate list of productive things you can do during lockdown.

23rd April, 2020
If you've pretty much completed all of Netflix and the idea of spending another day on the sofa flipping through memes is too much to bear, it's time to spice things up, change up your routine and get those creative juices flowing. Being on lockdown doesn't have to be boring, not if you keep yourself occupied. I know you've heard it all before but I'll say it again 'You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home' - think of it as a gift from the Universe, a gift of 'time' where you can focus on yourself, figure out your life and get things done!

Speaking of gift from the Universe, what a perfect timing. The country went into lockdown on Monday, a day before my birthday! I had the best day in my garden with the hubby and kids. The sun was shinning, music was blasting, good food and the best company! Past four weeks have been very special to me and I truly enjoyed and cherished every single day. Regardless of me being a stay at home mum, as well as running my own online business, with hubby who took over 50% of 'house and kids' chores - I had all the time in the world to reflect on everything. Having the three most important people in my life close to me every single day, safe and happy in our home means the world. I began to cook more and try out various recipes, I've build the confidence to experiment with new ingredients and improved my culinary skills. I dedicated a lot of love and time into my business which benefited in numerous new collaborations. I began to write this blog all over again after abandoning it for a long period of time which I am very happy about, as it's my time to do something I really enjoy as well as opportunity to express myself. I've connected with new amazing and creative people and other bloggers. A brunch meet up is due when the world goes back to 'normal' one day, and I am very much looking forward to making new friendships. I discovered new fun ways to spend time with my daughter. I've re-organised my entire house, cleaned out wardrobes and cupboards. I dedicated a lot of time into myself, from pamper evenings, daily yoga and meditation which has played a massive part in my life for years, to morning exercise and a very healthy & clean diet which I introduced into my life and our home.

Here's a list of productive and creative things to do during the quarantine period...
+ Learn a new language +
+ Learn to play an instrument +
+ Make/update your CV +
+ Write a business plan +
+ Organise your wardrobe +
+ Clear out all cupboards +
+ Declutter and donate +
+ Look up new recipes to try out +
+ Learn to cook/bake +
+ Deep cleanse your oven +
+ Start a blog or YouTube channel +
+ Shower your plants to get rid of dust +
+ Begin to write a journal/diary +
+ Clean your windows +
+ Begin potty training your child +
+ Do yoga +
+ Start meditating +
+ Refresh your walls by painting each room +
+ Give your home a make over - rearrange your house +
+ Do some gardening, get rid of all weed +
+ Exercise - work on the body you've always wanted +
+ Wipe down all doors, door frames and skirting boards +
+ Write letters to your loved ones +
+ Have a pamper day - scrub your feet, paint your nails, facial peeling etc. +
+ Host a virtual video quiz +
+ Read a book +
+ Paint a picture +
+ Learn first aid +
+ Understand nutrition +
+ Learn to sew or knit +
+ Start a free online course +
+ Learn to use a new software such as Photoshop +
+ Create a vision board +
+ Find new interest or hobby +
+ Work on your weakness +
+ Prioritize your things and needs +
+ Write a letter to your future self +
+ Go airplane mode - turn the virtual world off for few days +
+ Make buck ups of everything +
+ Sort out your photos +
+ Clear out your email box +
+ Organise your bills and paper work +
+ Start a DIY project +
+ Write down a list of things you want to do when this is over +