Lockdown inspirations - 9 questions with Beeta Abadi, self taught cook & baker!

No one is certain when the virus outbreak measures will be relaxed or officially lifted but at a time like this, a little fantasy in our heads, can go a looong way in helping us to stay sane, remain positive as well as remind us that however heavy this pandemic may feel for some at the moment, it is temporary and it will pass!! Until then, we are daydreaming about life after lockdown, that first weekend of freedom, the first real-life kiss or hug with your favourite person, the first trip to play ground or soft play with your little humans, seeing our colleagues and friends again, the first cold pint, eating at our favourite restaurants, going to a concert or jumping on a plane to travel the world again! I am here today with another beautiful and creative soul! Let me introduce you to Beeta Abadi, recipe developer and founder of Beelish Food, self taught cook and baker, and my favourite culinary account to follow!

The Missing Chapter: How long ago did you start your culinary journey? And how did it begin? Was it something you've always wanted to learn? Or a talent that has been there from the start?
Beeta: I started Beelish over two years ago now, initially it was a meal prep platform. Selling healthy personalised meal prep boxes weekly to gym fanatics and healthy mums etc. But I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember.

The Missing Chapter: I absolutely adore your mouth watering dishes that you share with your followers on a daily basis. The dedication and love you have for cooking doesn't go unnoticed. But one thing ALWAYS plays on my mind when watching your insta stories, aside from wanting to jump through the phone screen and teleport to your kitchen to try some of your goodies - who washes up?
Beeta: I am fully responsible for cleaning up after myself haha! Sooo, I wash everything up even though we have a dishwasher.

The Missing Chapter: What is your favourite cuisine to eat and to cook?
Beeta: Very difficult question!! I love all foods from all over the world but I really enjoy cooking Asian food and obviously eating it too!!

The Missing Chapter: That one ridiculously easy dish you've ever made was?
Beeta: Hmm, easiest dish I’ve made to date has probably been like a pasta bake dish. I feel like all pasta dishes are simple.

The Missing Chapter: Funniest culinary moment was...
Beeta: Funniest moment would have to be when I had a cake order for a birthday and had another wedding cake order. I gave the wrong cake to the people who had ordered. So someone had an animal themed birthday cake at their wedding!

The Missing Chapter: Have you ever thought about opening your very own restaurant with menu picked and cooked by you?
Beeta: Yes I think about it everyday actually. The dream is to have my own cafe/coffee shop.
The Missing Chapter: A lot of people find it extremely difficult to cope with everyday life during the quarantine period. Personally I appreciate the 'free time' I've been given. It allows me to bond with my children and partner as well as focus a little bit more on my business, this blog and goals that I want to achieve in the upcoming years. Has the lockdown benefited you in anyway? If so explain how..
Beeta: This lockdown has really allowed me more time to reflect on the long term goal for Beelish and also to create and trial more recipes for people to enjoy in the interim.

The Missing Chapter: Tell us a little bit about the Beeta behind the scenes of Beelish food. What are your other interests, passions and goals?
Beeta: Well I am a housing officer by day, I LOVE my job and if ever it reached a point where I’d have to give up my job to focus on Beelish I would be heartbroken!! I love going to the gym and I spend a lot of time with my cat.
The Missing Chapter: What are your top tips and advice for a beginner wanting to get into cooking...

Beeta: Don’t overthink it. What’s the worst that can happen right? Just give it a go. It’s always refreshing to be able to learn new things and there are so many platforms for new cooks to start their journey.
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