Invest in yourself - self beneficial things to do during lockdown...

30th December, 2020
And suddenly the whole country shuts it's every door... I sorted it all out in my head and decided to treat these weeks ahead as a gift from life. Someone up there decided to stop these speeding clock hands once again and give us something that we all long craved for - 'time'. And here comes the tricky question? How to fill this time and not let this precious gift go to waste? I've put together few ideas to inspire you and give you a little kick of motivation to invest in yourself this lockdown...
Online courses
Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a professional make-up? Be a florist, accountant, photographer you name it. You have a great opportunity with all the time in the world and the internet full of free knowledge, from video-tutorials, expert articles to free podcasts and courses. You will find a whole lot of useful information in this little (not so little) virtual space.

Start a blog or YouTube channel
You know you've been thinking about it for a minute or two now.. When's a better time to begin writing a blog or list interesting topics to cover in your future videos. Don't hesitate and put your ideas into action. Think about what you're good at, what your hobbies and interests are, and turn it into an online journal in the form of a blog or a YouTube channel. Build your own community and connect with people on your wave! What is your lifestyle? Are you active and fit? Are you a parent? A fashonista or great cook? You have a breath-taking story to tell? There is so many things to cover and talk about that others will love or connect with.
Get spiritual
Whether you follow a religion or like myself - practice law of attraction, dedicating time to your spirituality and inner peace is essential. Use this time wisely, dig the internet to gain even more knowledge, meditate, do yoga, pray, read the bible, join online groups and connect with others who practise the same thing as you.
Get moving
Lack of exercise during quarantine can have an impact on our physical and mental health therefore it is important to invest time and motivate yourself to push through even if the energy isn't necessarily there. Start working on that so called 'summer body' you keep preaching about. You have no excuses right now. I am currently on week 2 of toning my long lost abs and glutes, as well as shredding some tummy fat challenge and I can already see progress. As mentioned above 'with all the time in the world' and correct mindset you can achieve your goals. And if exercising ain't for you - give yoga a go. Nothing wakes you up better and prepares you for the day ahead than morning stretches combined with deep breathing. Trust me!
Yes! Most of the population purchased enough supplies to get them through World War 3. Now is the best time of culinary experiments! Learn to bake, try out new recipes. We can do so much even with what may seem like the 'basic' ingredients. Put YouTube or your recipe books into use and replace the same old boring cottage pie or bangers and mash with something new and exciting.
Take care of your home
Investing time in yourself also includes looking after your house. Air out all rooms, clean up, organise, declutter, renovate, rearrange, decorate, do gardening! This week I am planning to go through my 3 year old daughter's toys and clothes and donate some to whoever may need them. I also added some new candles and air refreshers scents I've never tried before to my online shopping basket which I can not wait for to arrive. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a fresh, organised and tidy interior, with a scented candle fulfilling the whole house, creating the cosiest ever atmosphere!