Journaling best therapy for mental health - how to get into the habit of writing for YOU!

26th November, 2021
Journal practice can work wonders for mental clarity and mindfulness. From tracking your feelings, anxiety triggers and your menstrual cycle to savouring life’s simple pleasures, expressive writing can be a great tool for connecting with your truth and expressing daily gratitude and positivity. Here are some useful tips for getting into the habit of writing for yourself.
Experiment with different times and settings and see what feels most valuable to you. Carve out a regular slice of time for your journaling and be consistent with it, whether that be a short burst first thing in the morning whilst savouring your cup of coffee, last thing at night before you hit the pillow or a big journal session once a week. Prioritising your writing practice just like any other form of self-care, will set you up for success and encourage you to check in with yourself each day.
These pages are yours, so whenever you feel a pressure to censor and self-edit your thoughts and feelings, breathe and let go. You don’t need to make poetry with your words, it just needs to be honest and judgement-free. Make it your very own beautiful mess and write for your eyes only.
If you find the thought of staring at a blank page each day a little too daunting, use writing prompts or templates to set the intention of your practice and give your writing structure and purpose. Ask yourself questions like: What three things am I grateful for today? Or, what inspired me today? What colour was my day, today?
Every morning, make it a daily routine to turn your focus to the ultimate mood-booster: gratitude journaling. It’ll help your words flow, promote positivity, raise your vibration and give you that much needed motivation boost! Look around you and list minimum of 20 things that you are grateful for today. This could be anything from your health, body and organs, to people and things in your life, air, sun, sky, animals, nature, clean water, roof over your head, and more. The list of things we should be grateful for is never ending.
Blogging is one of my favourite ways to express myself and let it all out. Take my stress and anger out on this poor keyboard - and my truest friend, whenever I find some spare time - it works wonders. And the fact that so many of you read my posts, and what I have to say - makes it all more fun and meaningful. But of course, you can set your entire blog to private or for invites only. You choose!