My top ways to make yourself a priority!

27th November, 2020
Why do waste time waiting for the first day of a month to start a new habit, or New Year to create a list of resolutions. Welcome today with nothing but an open mind and focus on making YOU your first priority. Say no to things that don’t make you happy, get rid of negative energy, nourish your mind and your body and schedule yourself some downtime. Ready to be your own best friend? I've put together a few suggestions for making yourself a priority – here’s 🍷 to loving and investing in yourself!
This might seem so pointless and like one more thing to add to your to-do list each day but starting a gratitude journal is a great way to reflect on the here and now. It’s an amazing habit to get into if you want to change your mindset, cut out the complaining and focus on the joy of every day. Start off your day by writing down minimum 10 things that you're grateful for. From people, places, items to organs and more...
Accept yourself the way you are, love your body, your temple. It allows you to breath, live, walk, see, hear and taste, it allows you to be and to love. It does NOT deserve a criticism but to be praised! Revel in your body’s strengths; celebrate the miles you can run or the child you produced. There is so much more to life than worrying about 'so called imperfections'.
Can’t - doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. Try new things, set yourself goals, learn new language, master new skills, turn doubt into belief – you’re so much more capable than you could ever imagine!
Get rid of all the unhealthy junk in your cupboard! I recently replaced all crisps and chocolate with healthy snacks like nuts, crackers and of course, my favourite - big piled bowl of fruit. Feed your body the right things and you will automatically feel better, happier and healthier. And of course keep that water intake of minimum 2 litres a day. I aim to drink half a glass every 20-30 minutes to make things easier instead of downing the whole bottle.
I'm a mum of two small children and I still find time to do yoga, work out and meditate every single day, aside of keeping on top of house duties, working from home and dedicating time to my children - believe me, nothing's impossible. Setting aside some downtime to rest and invest in yourself is essential for your wellbeing. Whether it’s reading, watching a film or taking a bath, take your foot off the pedal and find something that calms your mind and meets your needs. One of my favourite ways to unwind is writing this blog - it's a hobby that allows me to express myself.
How many times have you caught yourself saying something negative about yourself? I used to do this a lot and it drained me out of all positive energy. Put a stop to the self-criticism and respond to your doubts and insecurities with empathy. If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to yourself.