The path to becoming rich & successful - let's talk about 'distractions'...

25th November, 2021
The way our world is set up is to prevent us from growing and expanding. The 1% of the population who are millionaires, billionaires and upwards don't want to see that 1% increase... Our world is set up to distract you, to oppress you and to keep you from knowing what's possible. The choice is yours... You can either work very hard for your money, trade your time for a wage, or become 100% you, love the fuck out of yourself and bring to the world what you're meant to bring...

Most of these successful individuals believe in lack, that if the number of wealthy people increases - we will take from them, and they don't want that. What they haven't quiet understood yet is that's not how the Universe work. The Universe isn't limited. Support and money in any form or way - is a complete illusion and it is unlimited. The only way our financial system works - is because we believe in the illusion. And that's what the 1% doesn't want you to know.

The people on top, keep the people at the bottom as low as possible - with distractions. One of the biggest distractions out there - is Social Media. Is what keeps us under control and pinned against each other. Constantly pointing our fingers at and blaming one another. Resharing content, to poison even more people on our friend list and worldwide.

I choose not to consume social media. I go online once a day to post in my business groups and platforms. I respond to any relevant collaboration offers. I post my stories, put up a new photo or two. I sign out. Done. I don't watch the news. I check in with the world a little once in a while... Then I slip back out. I am very careful on who I am following, the people I watch and listen to. But the rest of the world - is not. The majority of you, reading this post, is poisoned with the toxic social media content and addicted to consuming all bunch of crap the 1% serves to us on a plate. The FOMO - fear of missing out, constantly scrolling through your facebook or instagram home page craving more unnecessarily and negative, often misleading or false information. Read more about internet detox here in one of my previous posts.

Don't spend your precious time consuming - spend your time creating and looking for opportunities. Open you eyes! Figure out how to be innovating, how to stay inspired and motivated. Figure out the next step or project. Follow and fulfil your dreams.
How do you view rich people? Do they make your blood boil? Do you believe they don't deserve their wealth? They selfish? Selfishness my friends is the key to success. You have to take care of yourself first in order to be able to look after others later... If you see the riches as anything negative - try to flip that mindset and think about what can YOU do to get on their wave, frequency and level of wealth... Study them. See what you can extract to get you closer to where you want to be. Get inspired. Put the work and energy into it and most of all - BELIEVE!

The way we are raised in our current schools system across the globe, is that we are taught to always finish what we started, don't leave anything behind. If you start reading a book - finish reading that book, if you start doing a course - finish that course, if you start a new job - stick to it! You must check off all the boxes... And therefore we have this big ol' backpack of guilt that we walk around with. And that's how we begin to doubt ourselves... 'What's wrong with me? Why can't I finish reading this book? What is wrong with me? Why do I jump from course to course or job to job? Why can't I just stay focused?' - baby there ain't nothing wrong with you! You're a human - and that is how we operate! You, were just raised into a system that is completely against how you are suppose to operate. Stay away from obstacles and traps which are set everywhere for you to slip, put your blinders on and say goodbye to distractions today, right now.