Everything you need to know about delaying you ORGASMS !!

15th January, 2022
On the edge of that mind-blowing ‘O’ only to… Back off? Walk away. Let's be honest that sounds a lot like everything we try to avoid when we’re getting busy but, as it turns out, there’s a method to this madness and a huge horny case for postponing your orgasm in the name of, well, a bigger, better orgasm... While there’s nothing wrong with a quickie, edging is a great way to savour our sexual energy. Good things come to those who wait... ;)
What is edging?
Edging - is an orgasm control technique used to increase stamina, intensity of orgasms and explore power exchanges in the bedroom. It involves a little thing called delayed gratification. In other words, you get to the point of near-climax, before temporarily stopping stimulation or easing up the intensity and leaving your would-be orgasm on ice for a bit to chill. For those of you thinking why on earth would you volunteer to social distance from your own orgasm – good question! The idea is that by building up to your big pulsating moment, easing off then coming back to it when you’re really ready to blow, you’re going to unlock even more pleasure potential. Though it is most commonly practiced by people with penises, vulva-owners are more than welcome to get in on the action too. So... Bear with me, make some notes, and test it out yourself - you will thank me later!!
How to get you edge on?
There are several ways to get to grips with this magic move and not all of them rely on the start/stop method. Everyone enjoys different things but the best way to try edging is during masturbation. Touch yourself for a few minutes and then when you feel like you might cum, distract yourself any way you know how, emails, memes, watering your plants... Take five deep breaths, leave yourself wanting more then, when you’ve let the sexual energy simmer down to a gentle rolling boil, come back to the deed and turn up the heat. The more you play with the build-up, the more powerful the orgasm.

Techniques to try the start/stop method...
This does exactly what it says on the tin. You simply stop stimulating/stroking the vulva or penis when you feel close to orgasm and start up again after a few seconds of downtime.
Ballooning - this is basically edging with some pelvic floor exercises thrown in. How productive. It’s called ballooning because, for those with a penis, they will find their erection deflating and ballooning throughout the process. It’s meant to be pretty good for premature ejaculation, so if that’s you, give it a go.

The squeeze method - for those with penises, build up to the point of near-orgasm then stop and squeeze the head of the penis for 30 seconds.

Toys - you can always indulge in a bit of gentle toy play on a low rumbly setting. Just as long as you’re willing to exercise some self-control and turn them off / launch them over the other side of the room when things get a little too pumped down there...