My ultimate list of New Year resolution that might ACTUALLY improve your 2022 !!

8th January, 2022
Love them or hate them !! As a new calendar page is turned and January is upon us once more, the age-old question of which 'New Year Resolutions' you plan to set for the optimistic year ahead is suddenly the topic of small talk everywhere you go. And whilst it may be cliché to use the new year as motivation for change, there is something about fresh starts that prompts a renewed enthusiasm for life and the possibility for the impossible  to really come true.

- Set the boundaries your inner self has been kindly encouraging you to put in place for the past 5 years. “Thou shall not text back my toxic ex”.

- Make your bed every morning without fail because it feels like life will naturally fall into place if you do, ha!

- Read a book a month. But don’t be mad if you don’t touch another novel after March 2022 because two years on from the start of the pandemic life still feels like a 'fiction'.

- Give out one compliment a day because that girl in the bodycon dress needs to know how 11/10 she looks. Gorgeous gorgeous girls hype up other gorgeous gorgeous girls.

- Try meatless Mondays or veggie weekends because we stan small changes making big differences.

- Call your loved ones more often - you'll be happier and they will feel important!!

- Carve out time for solo activities every month - lunch, cinema, or even a walk in nature, you are the main character darling!

- Assess what makes your heart sing and create a plan to change what doesn’t. Not everything boring in life can be swapped out, but the new year offers fresh motivation to increase the love in your life - career, home or relationships.

- Unfollow the social media accounts that make you feel 1/10 and remember you’re in charge of fostering an environment you thrive in.

- Stop doom scrolling first thing you open your eyes, or last before bed - because you’re dedicated to investing in your mental health.

- Endeavour to do more for the planet.
- Download the Calm app and dedicate 10 minutes a day to meditating because with Mr Omicron around you’re gonna need it.

- Apply sunscreen daily regardless of the weather or season !! Trust me, it will be worth it in the long run !! Take care of your beautiful skin and prolong its youth.
- Stop buying overpriced coffee as a ‘treat’ every time you leave the house and actually use the cafetiere you received two weeks ago for Christmas that’s already collecting dust.

- Buy a boujie water bottle because would it be a new years resolutions post if it didn’t include drinking more H2O?

- Start gratitude journaling before bed because although the 2020 nightmare is still living on, there are in fact never ending things to be grateful for, e.g. Idris Elba in Luther... ;)
- Practice intentional breathing and check in with yourself throughout the day during moments of stress to see if you’re holding your breath or clenching your jaw. Small habits can equal big changes.

- Unsubscribe from all the SH*T in your inbox and feel immediately cleansed.

- Learn something you never did as a child, swimming, riding a bike or practicing self-compassion, listening to our inner child more can heal endless wounds.

- Stop the FOMO (fear of missing out) and set a limit on your daily Instagram usage - yes I see you scrolling under the covers.
- Create a daily affirmation that speaks to you and channel it whenever you need throughout the day! Let’s start with: “I am destined for greatness and amazing things this year”.