Yoni mapping - everything you wanna know...

30th January, 2022
If you’ve never heard of it, you’d be forgiven because unfortunately, just like periods or clitoral orgasms, this sacred and sensual bodywork remains relatively underexplored... Yoni mapping is a mindful vaginal massage – like a gentle guided tour of your pleasure-giving capital, specifically channelled through touch and pressure. We all know how disconnected we are from our own bodies and Yoni mapping is one golden ticket to help us reclaim our pleasure power and discover a better understanding of what feels good for us...
What is Yoni mapping?
Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for the entire female genitalia and reproductive system and loosely translates as sacred space. Its purpose is centred around healing, self-awareness and honour, and although it can lead to orgasm, that’s never the primary intention. It’s like a very happy accident if it happens but in truth, you’re more likely to cry or laugh, maybe even fart, than experience a full body-shaking orgasm...
Our bodies are masters at storing unprocessed emotion and our Yonis - keep score. This can then lead to a whole host of issues from muscle tension to numbness, pelvic sensitivity, penetration discomfort, dryness, lack of orgasms, chronic pain, disconnection and shame. Yoni mapping sets out to recalibrate that energy and reclaim our sacred space. It gives you an opportunity to discover the potential of your Yoni, and to come to a place of wholeness, love, respect and honouring for yourself – reclaiming all of who you are.
How to map your Yoni...
Yoni mapping starts in the mind, by opening the heart and letting go of any judgements and expectations you have of your body, or attachments to certain outcomes of self-pleasure. Connect with your breath Using your breath fully lets your body know that it’s ok to let go and become receptive. Deep, slow, belly breaths will help you to remain in your heart space, rather than your anxious head space. Spend some time caressing and loving yourself, slowly run your hands through your entire body, almost as if you was hugging and lovingly rubbing yourself up and down. Your arms, shoulders, neck, back, belly, legs, thighs... Remember, this is not about blasting into orgasm, it’s about connecting with body beyond the sexual and tuning into self-awareness.
Go into it with a clear idea of what you want to get out of your practice. It then becomes more than just fingering with a fancy name, allowing you to move past the physical into mindfulness and the spiritual purpose of your Yoni time.
Lubricate and insert either your finger, a Yoni wand or dildo 2cms into your Yoni. Imagine your vagina is a clock face with the 12 o’clock being your pubic bone, the opening representing the centre and 6 o’clock being at the bottom, pointing towards the anus. Start at the 12 ‘o clock position, holding your finger or dildo in place for a few moments to see what comes up for you. Continue to work around the yoni in a clockwise motion, taking the time to pause and breathe in the places that feel sensitive. You can give these areas a little gentle massage when you’re there. If emotions arise, let them come. Receive them, feel and release, let them flow with the power of your breath. If you begin to feel aroused or fearful, pause, breathe through it and tune into your intention to distribute that energy elsewhere.

Benefits of Yoni mapping...
Often, women feel like their womb has come online, now awakened from its deep slumber, resulting in a deeper connection with your body & newfound sense of affection & respect for your vagina.

+ Inspiring a more loving & deeper connection with your Yoni
+ Inspiring a deeply embodied level of self-care & self-nurturing
+ Unlock more confidence in your body
+ Supporting muscle engagement & pelvic organ balance, alignment & wellness
+ Release guilt & shame conditioned programs around our sexuality & Yoni 
+ Letting go of painful or uncomfortable sex
+ Cultivating a deeper understanding for your different pleasure zones
+ Creating a deeper relationship with your Yoni
+ Re connect with your creative life force energy
+ Assist in creating deeper discernment & establishing clearer energetic boundaries
+ Realign your mind, heart, womb & sex centres
+ Clear inter-generational trauma, lineage patterns & imprints & stuck trapped ancestral energy
 + Creating space to be able to explore your full pleasure potential
+ Bringing spaces of numbness back into sensation ~Relax pelvic tension & help to relieve pain
+ Aiding menstrual imbalances
+ Access to ligaments that can only be touched from the inside
+ Support in the healing journey from an operation, abortion, miscarriage
+ Support in your fertility journey
+ Supporting and easing menopause symptoms
+ Helping to overcome and heal from experiences of sexual trauma, abuse/violation
+ Allowing for the moving & release of old emotions from past experiences
+ Reconnecting to the new landscape of your Yoni & pelvis after birth
+ Supporting emotional and physical healing after a difficult birth
and more....