9 things you DON'T have to do before you turn 30!

9th October, 2022
Once and for all - let's put an end to the utter BS the social media and the world serves us when reaching the ripe young age of 30!! It certainly and definitely doesn’t have to mean retiring your bucket list, freezing your eggs, walking around dressed to impress others - because apparently you not meant to be wearing leggings and a cropped top when you're pass the 30 mark... Whether it’s backpacking through Europe, getting married or having kids - you should do things when they feel right for you, not because society or an article on the internet made you believe your twenties are the pinnacle of happiness and success. The idea that the world is your oyster but only until you’re 29 is nonsense. So, please enjoy this life and milestones you absolutely DON'T have to tick off by the time you’re 30, because you can be the best version of yourself at any age.
1. Travel the world. You absolutely don’t have to go travelling to experience defining moments in your life. A coffee with a friend or relative, a walk to your favourite park never looks the same. Learn to find happiness in the most ordinary places instead...
2. Have a five-year plan. LOL - As the past two and a half years have showed us, living in the present is all we can really do.

3. Find a signature style. If low rise jeans and mustard yellow clothing can make a comeback, anything can happen. Let your fashion flow, grow and fail too.

4. Stop having one night stands. You are free to enjoy unattached sex at any age if that’s what you enjoy - relationships aren't for everyone. Your decisions, your life, your vagina!

5. Go out all the time because you won’t when you’re 30. Erm, my darling that's when I am planning to go wild like never before, in my 30s when my children are big enough to stay home alone!
6. Lose weight for your wedding. The dress needs to fit you, not the other way round, love.
7. Learn to cook. Listen, if you can pull off a chicken soup or a spaghetti bolognese, you’ll go far. If you fancy expanding your culinary skills for dinner parties or other gatherings YouTube is your friend.
8. Settle down. What society would have you believe, romantic joy doesn’t expire when you reach your 30s and marriage and babies are not the talismans of success.
9. Start a business. Louis Hay published her first book Heal Your Body at the age of 50. Toni Morrison wrote her first novel at 39. Vera Wang didn’t sell a dress until she was 40. Ray Kroc created McDonald’s when he was 52....
You don’t start declining as soon as you’re eligible for your first smear test sis!