A letter from Santa - how to get your children involved in Christmas preparations...

5th November, 2022
December, that one month we absolutely have to stay on point and organised to throw that perfect Christmas gathering and get it all done on time! From tiding up, cooking to decorating the house, not to mention time-consuming writing out the Christmas cards for everyone. How helpful would it be for every mummy, dad or carer out there struggling with Christmas preparation next month to have their little helpers involved?

Get your little bundle of joy to write a letter to Santa telling him what they want to find under the Christmas tree this year! Now the tricky part.. Santa has to write back! Below I wrapped up an example letter from Santa Clause to children, which will (fingers crossed) convince them to get involved in Christmas preparations.

Just sneak it under their pillow, school back pack or go that extra step and post it to your own house addressed to your child!