Last minute advent calendar for kids.

1st December, 2021
And just like that December finally arrived at our door this morning! For most, Christmas without an Advent Calendar? It just wouldn't be the same without the excitement of a festive countdown. Many of us opt for a chocolate advent year-on-year, but this can get a bit repetitive and boring. Take a look at our 4 quick and fun Christmas Advent Calendar alternatives to try out with your children this month!
1. Daily activity letter from Elf!
Each day write down (or print & cut out our activity tickets below) fun activities to do with your little human from the Elves, dated from the 1st to 24th! Post the correct number 'activity' slip in an envelope through your letter box every morning, or slide under pillow, up until Christmas while your kids are still snoring away for them to open first thing they wake up... What will the mystery Elf have you doing today?

2. Stickers count down!
Use a calendar, if you don't have one draw a neat table and divide it into 24 squares (or again, print out our ready December calendar sheet below) and let your little one place a sticker in each square every day! What a fun way for a Christmas count down - and who on Earth would say no to some stickers fun?
3. Christmas tree Advent Calendar!
Cut out a tree shape or simply draw one on a A4 sheet and paint or colour it green. Randomly write down numbers from 1-24 all over the tree so that your child has to find the correct one each day and place a bauble on it, in the form of a sticker, stamper, playdough or blue tack (rolled into small balls)..
4. Trim Santa's beard...
This one is our favourite one. On a piece of paper draw Santa's head with the longest beard being the Advent Calendar numbered 1-24 from bottom to top. Each day you have to trim it using scissors by cutting off 1 number up until you reach the 24th... How funny will Santa look without a beard? We also prepared the cutest Santa for you to print and use, take a look at how long his beard is!