Overcoming the self-ick to self-pleasure!

5th January, 2023
Hey queen! Do you ever feel a little queasy when you hear the term 'self-pleasure' or 'masturbation'? Maybe you agree that it is fine, or at least not bad, but for other individuals. However for yourself, on the other hand you can’t seem to battle the feeling that touching yourself is embarrassing... There is so much shame around the woman's body in our era to this day - and I completely understand you - but I'm here today to prove you otherwise! We all deserve sexual pleasure, no matter our relationship status. So why do we get this ick feeling in the first place? And how can we get over it and fully embrace our bodies and sexuality? Stay with me a little longer to find out...
''Schedule a sexy self-pleasure session some time when you won’t be disturbed and make a commitment to stick to it - that's right, make it a daily routine! Make it fun, light some candles, listen to an erotic story to get in the mood or watch some porn.''
You are absolutely not alone if self-pleasure makes you feel some type of negative way, whether it brings out guilt or shame emotions. Some of us have been programmed this way throughout our growing up period by family members who’ve taught us, directly or indirectly, that masturbation is shameful or simply not allowed. Many of us have also grown up in religions, cultures or societies which shames us for SIMPLY wanting to discover our bodies and explore our sexuality.

Body-shaming and negative messages about our sexuality and right to pleasure are everywhere. We consume it on a day to day basis sometimes even subconsciously when watching a TV show, the music we listen to, social media and more.

The truth is women are shamed WAY more than men. Sexual shame is particularly weaponised against women in many cases. A simple and quick example of that is all the times female victims of sexual assault are asked what they were wearing when the crime took place. And look at how many successful women are accused of using their body, looks and sexuality to progress in their careers or get to the position they are today!

These are just a few examples, but you can see how women end up internalising the idea that their bodies are sexual objects, which they can be shamed for. No wonder so many of us women feel the need to strictly monitor and control our bodies and sexuality, or the way we dress and present ourselves to the world in order to avoid being labelled as 'easy, whore or slut'. So while it’s more or less accepted that men masturbate, a woman who admits to doing the same could be considered sex-obsessed or dirty.

Bellow you will find some of the benefits of masturbation and self-pleasure. With some more education on masturbation, self and body love and acceptance you will soon begin to realise how important it is to love your entire body emotionally and physically. Even spending couple of minutes a day caressing and loving each and every part of YOU will benefit you by practising it on a day-to-day basis your shame around self-pleasure with soon change to love, obsession and the need to love and touch yourself right. It is extremally important and NORMAL so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Benefits of masturbation;
releases sexual tension
reduces stress
helps you sleep better
improves your self-esteem and body image
helps treat sexual problems
helps you connect to your inner self
relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension
strengthens muscle tone in your pelvic and anal areas
helps feelings associated with anxiety or depression
improves heart health
boosts mood
and more...

Pssst!! Don't forget to masturbate today! ;-)