My name is Dominica. Born in March, 93 in a small town called Ziebice, Poland. Currently I'm located in London, United Kingdom. I am a certified masseuse which I thought was my passion, however I quickly learned otherwise. Photography, along with writing - being able to express my self whilst potentially inspiring and helping others, is what brings me the most joy.
On the 14th of February, 2015 I've got engaged to an amazing man who's been in my life since. In April, 2017 our first beautiful daughter, Christianna was born, November, 2019 we welcomed our little boy Derano into this world who has completed our family and we couldn't be happier.
In early 2009, I've entered the online social scene. My first ever blog was about the LGBT community and the following grew to the 6 digit mark in a very short amount of time however I got bored of blogging after a while and totally ran out of ideas... Now I'm back.. I've been writing this blog since March, 2020 - when the pandemic first started in England.
With a unique, uplifting, inspiring and motivating content for the beautiful gender of the world I try to deliver feed that every woman will adore.